What our agents are saying about us.

  • “The fact that Tariq does a lot of his homework, he does a lot of research, he’s ready for any opportunity that may arise. How it affects his business is the fact that when a new technology or idea comes in, a new way of marketing, a new service that he can offer his agents, he is able to decide on it immediately and improve the office.” – Milan Bauk
  • “RE/MAX Legacy in terms of my business has been very very helpful, they’ve supported me all the way in terms of getting an assistant, retaining clients, the marketing department and physical space in the office.” – Michael Annan
  • “I think it is very important to have support staff that is happy and helpful. A smile when you walk through the door is really important” – Paul Hannan
  • “I definitely feel that the in house mortgage broker cares about my clients on both a personal and professional level, one of my clients actually walked out and gave Nadia the biggest hug because that is how comforted and secured she felt working with Nadia and she actually thanked me constantly for that.” – Kerensa Rebello
  • “I find that our lawyers especially care about our clients more so than lawyers outside of our office.” – Moe Dib
  • “I would say the people at Re/MAX Legacy are very warm, they have wonderful intent, and they all help each other. Even though I am a seasoned agent it’s still nice to be around other agents that we can bounce ideas off of and share or talk about listings, more often than not it does benefit the client because you’re not just hiring me, you’re hiring the brokerage RE/MAX Legacy and we all work together like a family.” – Christine Crockett